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issue 3
Port Said
Decaying Wooden Verandas Tell the Story of a City
Claudine Piaton

Wooden galleries several storeys high adorn the buildings of Port Said. This unique type of architecture, characteristic of a certain era, is today at risk from a continuously increasing population, poor planning and lax implementation of building regulations.

issue 7
An Everlasting Lustre
A Thousand Years of Monitoring Egypt's Jewellery Industry
Azza Fahmy

Egypt has a long history of jewellery production, but there hasn’t always been regulation to control the quality of the items made. Over the past thousand years, laws have been created and refined, leading to the system in place today.

issue 5
At Home with Egypt’s Pharaoh
Garry Shaw

The pharaohs are often presented as wise leaders, great warriors, and perfect priests, but such presentations are based on ideological propaganda, and might be far removed from reality. In this article, we delve into the human side of the pharaoh, recreating a typical day in the life of a New Kingdom ruler.

issue 8
Dreamers and Rebels
The Artists of the Mid-Twentieth Century
Youssef Limoud

Fuelled by dreams of revolution and freedom, Egypt’s second and third generation of artists reflected their tumultuous reality and produced a rich creative output unparalleled to this day.

issue 10
From Staples to Luxuries
What did the ancient Egyptians eat?
Mennat-Allah El Dorry

A glimpse into the food and foodways of the ancient Egyptians over their 3,000-year history

issue 10
What Was Cooking in Medieval Cairo?
Nawal Nasrallah

Medieval visitors to Egypt never failed to be captivated by the uniqueness of its agricultural landscape. The Nile, they said, flowed from paradise. The land itself, with its four seasons, was no less remarkable: summer, when the rising and flooding of Nile turned the land into a gleaming white pearl; autumn, when it looked like black musk, the receding water revealing black, fragrant soil; winter, when it shimmered emerald green with growing crops; and spring, the harvest season, when it gleamed like golden amber.

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