Eva Dadrian

(1944-2018) an Emmy Award-winning British-Egyptian independent broadcaster and writer with extensive experience in Africa, the Middle East and Europe. Dadrian worked as a political risk analyst for Arab Africa Affairs (London/ Cape Town). She also wrote for al-Ahram Weekly and al-Ahram Hebdo (Cairo) covering issues ranging from art and science to environment and religion for the BBC World Service.

Articles by this author

Horticultural Dreams
In Search of the Historical Gardens of Cairo

Few of Cairo’s historical gardens remain today, but those that still exist offer a glimpse into a lush past where gardens were both a refuge from the city’s desert heat and a status symbol for its ambitious rulers.

issue 8
Museums and More
Where to Find Egyptian Modern Art

From major collections to intimate, private museums, we discover the best places to explore Egypt’s hidden treasure trove of modern art.

issue 6
Burning History
Egypt's Coptic Heritage in Peril

The recent destruction of more than forty Coptic churches across Egypt highlights the need to document and preserve these historic monuments.

issue 4
A Stitch in Time
Preserving Egypt's Tent-making Heritage

The art of Egyptian tent-making can be traced back into ancient times, but as with many traditional crafts, it is struggling to survive in the twenty-first century.

issue 3
A Window on a Long Tradition
Egypt’s Glassmaking Heritage

Recent excavations and experimental archaeology have revealed the long history of Egypt’s glassmaking industry. From ancient Tell al-Amarna to the modern Qait Bey district of Cairo, Egyptian artists have spearheaded innovations that have spread around the world while remaining true to their traditional roots.

issue 2
The Golden Age of Cairo’s Silver Screens

Cairo’s cinemas were once art deco masterpieces of architecture. Today, these same cinemas are mostly crumbling or already long demolished, but a few can still be enjoyed by those in search of a lost golden age.

issue 1
Let there be Music!
Musical Instruments in Ancient Egypt

Many of the instruments used by Egyptian musicians today have their roots in Pharaonic times, from drums and cymbals through to lutes, harps and trumpets.