From Staples to Luxuries
What did the ancient Egyptians eat?
Mennat-Allah El Dorry

A glimpse into the food and foodways of the ancient Egyptians over their 3,000-year history

Pharaohs, Feasts, and Foods
Festive menus and customs
Salima Ikram

From abundant delicacies to flowing wine, ancient Egyptian banquets were truly a sight to behold.

Feeding the Forces
Providing for the Pyramid Builders
Claire Malleson

What was on the menu for the builders of the pyramids? And who was responsible for providing the supplies?

A Turning Point
Food and drink in the Graeco-Roman Period (332 BCE to 614 CE)
Cornelia Römer

In a period of changing fashions and traditions, food trends in Egypt mirrored the diverse influences from around the Mediterranean.

Fasting & Eating
The Diet of the Desert Fathers
Mennat-Allah El Dorry

Although abstinence from food was a cornerstone of monastic life, monasteries were thriving settlements that tell us much about the food available in early Christian Egypt

What Was Cooking in Medieval Cairo?
Nawal Nasrallah

Medieval visitors to Egypt never failed to be captivated by the uniqueness of its agricultural landscape. The Nile, they said, flowed from paradise. The land itself, with its four seasons, was no less remarkable: summer, when the rising and flooding of Nile turned the land into a gleaming white pearl; autumn, when it looked like black musk, the receding water revealing black, fragrant soil; winter, when it shimmered emerald green with growing crops; and spring, the harvest season, when it gleamed like golden amber.

Confounding the Brain
Hazz Al Quhuf
Sami Zubaida

An Urban Satire on Peasant Life and Food from Seventeenth-century Egypt

Travelling Food
The Global Pasts of Egyptian Cuisine
Alan Mikhail

How some of our most popular foods made their way to Egypt.

In the Lap of Luxury
Traces of a Bygone Era
Shahira Mehrez

A peek into the grand kitchens and sumptuous celebrations of the twentieth-century Egyptian aristocracy.

Ask Abla Nazira
Nazira Nicola – The Doyenne of Modern Egyptian Cooking
Anny Gaul

The story of how an instruction manual for would-be domestic science teachers became the most famous Egyptian cookbook of all time.

Waste Not, Want Not
The Cuisine and Kitchen Culture of Rural Egypt
Moustafa Elrefaey and Wesam Masoud

A look back at the rural roots of many of the dishes we consider quintessentially Egyptian.

Giving Life
A History of Bread in Egypt
Hala Barakat

For thousands of years, bread has been the most important food item in Egypt. Even today, the vernacular name for bread, ‘eish, means ‘life’.

Raise your Glass
A History of Egypt through its Drinks
Omar D. Foda

From sweet sherbets and buza to coffee and tea, the beverages consumed by Egyptians provide an interesting glimpse of traditions through the ages.

Going, Going, Gone
Egypt's Endangered Foods
Sara El Sayed

Whether from modern convenience, shifting trends, or climate change, traditional food in Egypt is facing many threats to its survival.

Ancient Egyptian Recipes

Two rare surviving recipes from ancient Egypt.

Graeco-Roman Recipes

The world's oldest cookbook and an ancient papyrus preserving Egyptian recipes.

Egypt after the Arabs

Between the Arab Agricultural Revolution and the Columbian Exchange, Cairene cuisine reaches its zenith and carries the torch from Abbasid Baghdad.

The Transformative 19th Century

When Khedive Ismail’s palace chef retired, he shared his rich repertoire of recipes in a book. These are not for the kitchen novices out there!

The Modern Age?

Some of the most drastic changes in Egyptian food culture begin to take place.