Slow Fashion
PART I: Everyday Ancient Egyptian Clothing
Gillian Vogelsang-Eastwood

Our impressions of what the ancient Egyptians wore have largely been shaped by modern-day films, but are these perceptions accurate? Or was the reality much more varied and complex?

Royal Couture
PART II: The Royal Wardrobe of Tutankhamun
If the Shoe Fits
Footwear in Ancient Egypt
André J. Veldmeijer

People have always been obsessed with shoes, and ancient Egypt was no different, producing a fine collection of footwear that was not only functional but surprisingly beautiful as well.

Keeping Up with the Alexandrians
Multiculturalism and clothing fashion in Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt
Maria Mossakowska-Gaubert

When Alexander the Great conquered Egypt, he triggered a period of profound cultural and social change. As traditions evolved, so too did clothing, reflecting a society caught between the familiarity of the past and the appeal of the new.

A Matter of Faith
Clothing in Late Antique Egypt
Engy Hanna

In the late Roman and early Byzantine eras, clothing became a means of self-expression incorporating everything from depictions of faith to rich colours, elaborate embroidery, and even amulets meant to protect and bring good fortune.

Fatimid Fancies
Dress under the Fatimids
Jochen Sokoly

From fabulous ivory carvings to lavish textiles with intricate gold embroidery, everything the Fatimids left behind points to opulence and abundance on a scale we can only imagine.

Turbans and Textiles
Mamluk Egyptian Clothing
Gillian Vogelsang-Eastwood

An exploration of the colourful, varied—often complicated and elaborate—daily clothing in Mamluk-era Egypt.

L for Luxury
The Fabrics of the Mamluks
Maria Sardi

From gossamer-thin cottons to fine linens and heavy brocades, Mamluk fabrics set the standard for textiles throughout the region.

Silk Splendour
The Fabric that Defined Mamluk Luxury
Shireen Ellinger

Of all the fine fabrics produced in Egypt during the Mamluk era, the sumptuous silks were perhaps the most renowned and coveted throughout the medieval world.

The Art of Layering
Clothing in the Ottoman Empire
Sumru Krody

Throughout the Ottoman Empire, the urban wealthy adopted and adapted clothing and other images of prestige fashionable in Istanbul.

Ambassadors of Style
The Universality of Mamluk Fashion
Mohamed Abdel Salam

Egyptian fashion drew inspiration from places as far away as China and Japan, and in turn, influenced everyone from European royalty and nobility to Polish tailors and Venetian glassmakers.

Hemlines and Aspirations
Western influence on Egyptian dress
Lucie Ryzova

In the early twentieth century, dress became a signifier of ‘modernity’ in Egypt, often vying with ‘traditional’ clothing in both urban and rural settings.

Passion for the Authentic
Women’s costumes from the Egyptian countryside and oases
Shahira Mehrez

Shahira Mehrez has dedicated her life to preserving Egyptian costume history. Here, she takes us on a tour of her unmatched collection of regional costumes.

The Trailblazer
Finding joy in the everyday
Azza Fahmy

The untold story of Reaya El-Nimr, who dedicated her life to documenting Egypt’s regional and traditional costumes.