Wells of Knowledge & Inspiration
Two Sabil-kuttabs on the Bayn al-Qasrayn
Caroline Williams

Sharia al-Mu`izz li-Din Allah, or the Qasaba, is the great artery of Fatimid Cairo. Its importance as a ceremonial way lasted for almost nine hundred years, and the variety of monuments still clustered along its length show that it was a favourite building site for those who held power.

Egypt’s Institutes of Knowledge
Clinging to Life
Amr S. Talaat

Associated with great scientists and intellectuals, from Napoleon's savants to modern scholars, the recently destroyed Institut d'Égypte played a major role in Egypt's intellectual history, and led to the foundation of further centres of learning.

A Stitch in Time
Preserving Egypt's Tent-making Heritage
Eva Dadrian

The art of Egyptian tent-making can be traced back into ancient times, but as with many traditional crafts, it is struggling to survive in the twenty-first century.

In the Footsteps of Mystics and Intellectuals
The Andalusi Legacy in Egypt
Mohammed El Razzaz

Starting in the ninth century, Andalusi migrants left southwestern Europe to settle in Egypt, ultimately leaving a lasting legacy in their new homeland.

Explore the Intangible
Taking Egypt's Tourism Industry to the Next Level
Sherif Lotfy

Egypt's tourism industry has long relied on beach resorts and archaeological sites to attract visitors, but intangible heritage tourism is becoming increasingly popular. What can Egypt do to develop this potential market?

The Curious Tale of King Seqenenre Tao
Garry Shaw

Of all the mummies at the museum in Cairo, the sight of this one will make you shudder. Seqenenre Tao’s face, twisted from suffering excruciating pain, has been frozen in that state for almost three thousand years. The story of his death is not for the faint of heart.

Sketching the Intricate Life of Jules Bourgoin
Maryse Bideault

Jules Bourgoin was a pioneer in the study of the finer details of Islamic art, but remains virtually unknown. A recent exhibition in Paris delved into the forgotten details of his life and career.

Did You Know?
Mennat-Allah El Dorry

Why did the ancient Egyptians use onions during mummification? How would the victorious Egyptian king count the dead after a battle? We answer these and other fascinating questions in our trivia round-up.