Revisiting the Museum of Islamic Art
Iman R. Abdulfattah

The Museum of Islamic Art recently reopened to visitors after being closed since 2002. In this article, we delve into the fascinating history of the museum, and learn about the treasures displayed in its revamped exhibition space.

Losing Heritage, Losing Identity
Monica Hanna

Egypt's cultural identity is threatened by the recent widespread looting and destruction of its archaeological sites. But why do people loot their own fragile heritage? Are local communities to blame for such widespread acts of cultural vandalism? Or is the problem far more complex?

At Home with Egypt’s Pharaoh
Garry Shaw

The pharaohs are often presented as wise leaders, great warriors, and perfect priests, but such presentations are based on ideological propaganda, and might be far removed from reality. In this article, we delve into the human side of the pharaoh, recreating a typical day in the life of a New Kingdom ruler.

The Stock Certificates of Egypt’s Bourse
An Archive in the Cloud?
Ola Seif

Researchers often feel that heritage in private hands is lost to enquiry, but through the publication of such collections, the widely dispersed and inaccessible becomes assembled and available to all, and heritage previously thought lost can be saved for posterity. The 'lost' history of Egypt's stock certificates is a case in point.

Where Green Meets Yellow
The Quest for the Post-vernacular
Omar Kishk

At Abusir, architect Tarek Labib has designed and built a unique space in which to live and work. We take a tour around this masterpiece of architecture, while also exploring the mind of this master architect.

Meet the Masters of the Underworld
Karel Innemée and Yasmine El Dorghamy

A collection of nineteenth-century protective amulets for the possessed is brought to light.

Preserving Pharaonic Psalms for Christ
Raymond Stock

The musical heritage of the Coptic Church, which springs from perhaps the oldest musical tradition in the world, had already begun to fade by the early twentieth century. However, mainly thanks to one monkish layman, authentic Coptic psalmondy survives to this day.

Mademoiselle Garden City
Amr S. Talaat

The streets of Garden City have some peculiar names. Whether it is the Archery Arena, the Sugar Refinery, or the Milk Pool, every street was given its name for a reason, and each name has a story, sometimes centuries old.

The Journey of the Sun Boats
Yasmine Allam

Drawing on ancient mythology and modern politics, Egyptian Painter Wael Darwish explores the human condition—past, present and future—through his works of art.

The Children of Port Said … 1956

RAWI resurrects a children’s exhibition, born in the war-torn Port Said of 1956.

Neo-Mamluk Style Beyond Egypt
Tarek el-Akkad

Although European architecture inspired the streets and buildings of khedivial Cairo, European architects were themselves inspired by Cairo's Mamluk architecture, leading to the creation of the Neo-Mamluk style.