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The Egyptian Postal Museum
Centuries of Connections and Communications.
Lesley Lababidi

Hidden within the noisy and congested Ataba Square, the Egyptian Postal Museum is a secret gem of Downtown Cairo.  The doors are hidden behind the gates of the Postal Office, but once you enter and present your ticket, the doors swing open like curtains onto a spectacular stage.

Smelling Sweet for Eternity
The Mystery of Egyptian Head-Cones
Jolanda Bos

What was the function of the cone-shaped objects ancient Egyptian men and women wore on their heads? And were they even real?

issue 11
Slow Fashion
PART I: Everyday Ancient Egyptian Clothing
Gillian Vogelsang-Eastwood

Our impressions of what the ancient Egyptians wore have largely been shaped by modern-day films, but are these perceptions accurate? Or was the reality much more varied and complex?

Chronicles in Stamps
Dr. Sherif El Kerdani and A Philatelic Telling of History
Seif El Rashidi

A country's heritage is not only safeguarded in museums. Methodical collectors who give access to their collections contribute in no small way to cultural preservation. This is the story of a passionate collector who preserves little snippets of Egypt’s history, one stamp at a time.

Fabric Palaces
The Art of Tentmaking, from the Ancient to the Modern
Seif El Rashidi

The fascinating history of the colourful and intricate appliqué tents ubiquitous at every Egyptian social occasion.

Horticultural Dreams
In Search of the Historical Gardens of Cairo
Eva Dadrian

Few of Cairo’s historical gardens remain today, but those that still exist offer a glimpse into a lush past where gardens were both a refuge from the city’s desert heat and a status symbol for its ambitious rulers.

issue 10
The Modern Age?

Some of the most drastic changes in Egyptian food culture begin to take place.

issue 10
The Transformative 19th Century

When Khedive Ismail’s palace chef retired, he shared his rich repertoire of recipes in a book. These are not for the kitchen novices out there!

issue 10
Egypt after the Arabs

Between the Arab Agricultural Revolution and the Columbian Exchange, Cairene cuisine reaches its zenith and carries the torch from Abbasid Baghdad.

issue 10
Graeco-Roman Recipes

The world's oldest cookbook and an ancient papyrus preserving Egyptian recipes.