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issue 7
Divine Colours
Lisa Sabbahy

Ancient Egyptian jewellery is famous for its beauty, elegance and colour; but what was the symbolic meaning of different colours and designs, and how did fashions change over time?

issue 7
The Most Democratic Form of Adornment
Hair and Wigs in Ancient Egypt
Joann Fletcher

Through their hairstyles and wigs, still visible in art and preserved on mummies, much can be gleaned about the ancient Egyptians' fashion, health, diet and lifestyle across time.

issue 7
Dung Beetles & Sandal Straps
Ancient Egyptian Amulets
Yasmin El Shazly

With similarly unusual shapes and multifaceted meanings, the protective amulets worn by the ancient Egyptians are not so different from those seen across Egypt today.

issue 6
Recreating Tutankhamen's Tomb
The Work of Factum Arte in Egypt
Adam Lowe and James Macmillan-Scott

Since the opening of Tutankhamen's burial chamber in 1923, the painted scenes have deteriorated. Now, a facsimile tomb, made using the latest 3D scanning technology, could provide the key to saving this tomb, as well as others in the Valley of the Kings and Queens.

issue 5
At Home with Egypt’s Pharaoh
Garry Shaw

The pharaohs are often presented as wise leaders, great warriors, and perfect priests, but such presentations are based on ideological propaganda, and might be far removed from reality. In this article, we delve into the human side of the pharaoh, recreating a typical day in the life of a New Kingdom ruler.

issue 5
Losing Heritage, Losing Identity
Monica Hanna

Egypt's cultural identity is threatened by the recent widespread looting and destruction of its archaeological sites. But why do people loot their own fragile heritage? Are local communities to blame for such widespread acts of cultural vandalism? Or is the problem far more complex?

issue 4
Did You Know?
Mennat-Allah El Dorry

Why did the ancient Egyptians use onions during mummification? How would the victorious Egyptian king count the dead after a battle? We answer these and other fascinating questions in our trivia round-up.

issue 4
The Curious Tale of King Seqenenre Tao
Garry Shaw

Of all the mummies at the museum in Cairo, the sight of this one will make you shudder. Seqenenre Tao’s face, twisted from suffering excruciating pain, has been frozen in that state for almost three thousand years. The story of his death is not for the faint of heart.

issue 3
The Classical Land of Graffiti?
Mennat-Allah El Dorry and Ilka Klose

Graffiti has always existed in Egypt in one form or another, and, thanks to the proliferation of this form of visual representation, the country itself has sometimes been referred to as ‘the classical land of graffiti’.

issue 3
The 25 Most Influential Women in Egyptian History
Yasmine El Dorghamy

We remember twenty-five of the most influential women who have shaped the country’s history; women whose memory should not be forgotten as Egypt looks to the future.