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Chronicles in Stamps
Dr. Sherif El Kerdani and A Philatelic Telling of History
Seif El Rashidi

A country's heritage is not only safeguarded in museums. Methodical collectors who give access to their collections contribute in no small way to cultural preservation. This is the story of a passionate collector who preserves little snippets of Egypt’s history, one stamp at a time.

issue 8
Photo Gallery

A selection of some of our favourite paintings.

issue 8
Made in The Arab World
The Ramzi Dalloul Collection
Fatenn Mostafa Kanafani

With a landmark new museum planned for Beirut, Lebanese-Palestinian art collector and patron Ramzi Dalloul has ambitious plans to expand the global reach of modern and contemporary Arab art.

issue 8
The Memory of a Nation
Al-Ahram Foundation’s Art Collection
Maher Dawoud

Al-Ahram Foundation boasts one of the most important Egyptian art collections outside the boundaries of public museums. A rich amalgam of paintings, sculptures, wall art and photography, the collection chronicles the Egyptian fine art movement and captures the spirit of contemporary reality.

issue 8
Investment 101
Investing in Egypt’s Modern Art Heritage
Saida El Harakany

Egyptian modern art has been breaking records at auctions for several years now. How can novice collectors make sure they’re getting their money’s worth? We look at what makes a good investment.

issue 8
Museums and More
Where to Find Egyptian Modern Art
Eva Dadrian

From major collections to intimate, private museums, we discover the best places to explore Egypt’s hidden treasure trove of modern art.

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Articulating Art
Writing About Modern Art in Egypt
Magda Saadedin

The Egyptian modern art movement was accompanied by a small but influential circle of art critics and journalists who attempted not only to discuss but occasionally to define the parameters of Egyptian art.

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Hotspots of Inspiration
Art Hubs that Transformed the Egyptian Art Scene
Ola Seif

During the first half of the twentieth century, a number of vibrant art hubs flourished in Cairo and beyond. Some eccentric, others more earnest, collectively, they nurtured some of Egypt’s most celebrated modern artists and contributed a spontaneous richness to the burgeoning local art scene.

issue 8
The Guiding Hand
The Role of the State in Egyptian Fine Arts
Emad Abu Ghazi

Throughout the modern era, the hand of the Egyptian state can be seen in the fine arts, from the construction of national monuments to the sponsorship of art exhibitions. This has brought a wealth of creative output, often reflecting the political leanings of the day, as the state navigated the waters between support and control.

issue 8
Dreamers and Rebels
The Artists of the Mid-Twentieth Century
Youssef Limoud

Fuelled by dreams of revolution and freedom, Egypt’s second and third generation of artists reflected their tumultuous reality and produced a rich creative output unparalleled to this day.