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issue 4
Egypt’s Institutes of Knowledge
Clinging to Life
Amr S. Talaat

Associated with great scientists and intellectuals, from Napoleon's savants to modern scholars, the recently destroyed Institut d'Égypte played a major role in Egypt's intellectual history, and led to the foundation of further centres of learning.

issue 2
Traditional Crafts
A Struggling Industry
Eman Wahby

Traditional Egyptian crafts are in danger of becoming extinct, though with support they could be a major source of revenue and pride for Egypt’s population. This is a look at how the industry operates, and what it needs.

issue 2
Why Do People Loot?
The Case of the Egyptian Revolution
Mennat-Allah El Dorry

The antiquities trade is not a new one; in fact, it is an ancient business. A papyrus survives from the reign of Ramses IX (ca. 1126–1108 BCE) to tell us of a tomb robbery and the prosecution of the robbers involved. Why do people steal what is, in essence, already theirs?

issue 1
Decaying on the Tracks
Egyptian Railroad Heritage and the Dream of Preservation
Amr Nasr El-Din

Much of the nation’s railroad heritage lies in various stages of neglect, rotting in sheds or sidings, or in poorly maintained museum displays. With an injection of funds, and a little imagination, Egypt’s railroad heritage could turn into quite an investment.

issue 3
Port Said
Decaying Wooden Verandas Tell the Story of a City
Claudine Piaton

Wooden galleries several storeys high adorn the buildings of Port Said. This unique type of architecture, characteristic of a certain era, is today at risk from a continuously increasing population, poor planning and lax implementation of building regulations.