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issue 7
Jewels from the Nile
The Ethnographical Collection of Winifred Blackman
Paolo del Vesco

One of the first anthropologists to research Egypt's culture and its traditional jewellery, Winifred Blackman's personal notes and diaries are now providing new insights into her life and work.

issue 7
on the Talismanic Aspects Of Egyptian Female Ornaments
Shahira Mehrez

For millennia, Egypt's traditional symbols have survived and adapted, serving to unite the country's population. But despite their importance, these symbols and their meanings are vanishing in the modern age.

issue 7
Of Shoes and Daggers
Jewellery as Protection
Sigrid van Roode

Jewellery is often prized for its beauty, but to many, it also provides protection from the world's malevolent forces, its very shape imbued with power.

issue 6
The Coptic Ourbana and its Wooden Seals
Art, Heritage and Ritual
Ola Seif

Before Coptic mass, wooden seals are used to stamp the holy communion bread. These seals are made in different sizes and display great variety in design, whilst still incorporating traditional symbols, layout and shape. Reflecting Coptic Christianity's long history, today they have also become collectors' items.

issue 5
Meet the Masters of the Underworld
Karel Innemée and Yasmine El Dorghamy

A collection of nineteenth-century protective amulets for the possessed is brought to light.

issue 7
The Golden Land
Searching for the Traditional Jewellery of Nubia
Yasmine El Dorghamy

Nubia has a rich history of distinctive jewellery, with each style given its own name and imbued with individual meaning. Although today it may be difficult to find pieces made in the traditional ways, it is not impossible.

issue 6
Beautiful Wounds:
The World of Traditional Egyptian Tattoos
Emmanuelle Perrin

Much more than simple body adornments, traditional Egyptian tattoos incorporate complex meanings and evoke tales of knights, seductresses and animals in a multicolour world of the imagination.