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issue 6
Redefining Home
Coptic Immigrants Sing Taratīl in Toronto's Diaspora
Carolyn Ramzy

Oceans away from their country, Toronto’s Coptic community strives to create a home away from home. Their musical heritage brings comfort and keeps them connected.

issue 5
Preserving Pharaonic Psalms for Christ
Raymond Stock

The musical heritage of the Coptic Church, which springs from perhaps the oldest musical tradition in the world, had already begun to fade by the early twentieth century. However, mainly thanks to one monkish layman, authentic Coptic psalmondy survives to this day.

issue 4
Explore the Intangible
Taking Egypt's Tourism Industry to the Next Level
Sherif Lotfy

Egypt's tourism industry has long relied on beach resorts and archaeological sites to attract visitors, but intangible heritage tourism is becoming increasingly popular. What can Egypt do to develop this potential market?

issue 4
In the Footsteps of Mystics and Intellectuals
The Andalusi Legacy in Egypt
Mohammed El Razzaz

Starting in the ninth century, Andalusi migrants left southwestern Europe to settle in Egypt, ultimately leaving a lasting legacy in their new homeland.

issue 2
The All-Purpose Egyptian Calendar
Yasmine El Dorghamy

Not only does it keep track of dates, the Egyptian calendar comes with a full weather forecast, historical references, and cute rhyming proverbs.

issue 1
The Continuity of Egyptian Culture
Gamal El-Ghitany

Egyptian history is often divided into eras: The Pharaonic, the Greek, the Coptic, the Islamic. What such divisions fail to convey are the strong currents of continuity linking the ancient to the modern.