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issue 7
Of Shoes and Daggers
Jewellery as Protection
Sigrid van Roode

Jewellery is often prized for its beauty, but to many, it also provides protection from the world's malevolent forces, its very shape imbued with power.

issue 6
The Sednaouis of Egypt
Yasmine El Dorghamy and May El Tabbakh

Before being nationalized under President Nasser, the Sednaoui Khazindar department store held a special place in the hearts of generations of Cairenes. This is the story of the family that created that legacy.

issue 6
The Children of Port Said 1956/2013

After having discovered a series of children’s paintings depicting war scenes from 1956, RAWI invited Port Said's children once more to express themselves through art and tell us about their lives over the two years following the revolution of 25 January.

issue 5
The Children of Port Said … 1956

RAWI resurrects a children’s exhibition, born in the war-torn Port Said of 1956.

issue 5
The Stock Certificates of Egypt’s Bourse
An Archive in the Cloud?
Ola Seif

Researchers often feel that heritage in private hands is lost to enquiry, but through the publication of such collections, the widely dispersed and inaccessible becomes assembled and available to all, and heritage previously thought lost can be saved for posterity. The 'lost' history of Egypt's stock certificates is a case in point.

issue 4
Egypt’s Institutes of Knowledge
Clinging to Life
Amr S. Talaat

Associated with great scientists and intellectuals, from Napoleon's savants to modern scholars, the recently destroyed Institut d'Égypte played a major role in Egypt's intellectual history, and led to the foundation of further centres of learning.

issue 7
An Everlasting Lustre
A Thousand Years of Monitoring Egypt's Jewellery Industry
Azza Fahmy

Egypt has a long history of jewellery production, but there hasn’t always been regulation to control the quality of the items made. Over the past thousand years, laws have been created and refined, leading to the system in place today.

issue 7
The Golden Land
Searching for the Traditional Jewellery of Nubia
Yasmine El Dorghamy

Nubia has a rich history of distinctive jewellery, with each style given its own name and imbued with individual meaning. Although today it may be difficult to find pieces made in the traditional ways, it is not impossible.