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The Egyptian Postal Museum
Centuries of Connections and Communications.
Lesley Lababidi

Hidden within the noisy and congested Ataba Square, the Egyptian Postal Museum is a secret gem of Downtown Cairo.  The doors are hidden behind the gates of the Postal Office, but once you enter and present your ticket, the doors swing open like curtains onto a spectacular stage.

Horticultural Dreams
In Search of the Historical Gardens of Cairo
Eva Dadrian

Few of Cairo’s historical gardens remain today, but those that still exist offer a glimpse into a lush past where gardens were both a refuge from the city’s desert heat and a status symbol for its ambitious rulers.

The Birth of Khedivial Cairo
Mercedes Volait

Most of the first buildings developed in Khedivial Cairo following 1868 were gone only a couple of decades later. This is a history of the modern city's earliest days.

A Perfect Murder
Yasmine El Dorghamy

The story of a notorious 1920s murder that stirred a media frenzy in Egypt and the United Kingdom. Involving two controversial characters and pitting two different cultures against each other, the case was much more than a simple crime of passion.

issue 6
The Sednaouis of Egypt
Yasmine El Dorghamy and May El Tabbakh

Before being nationalized under President Nasser, the Sednaoui Khazindar department store held a special place in the hearts of generations of Cairenes. This is the story of the family that created that legacy.

issue 5
Neo-Mamluk Style Beyond Egypt
Tarek el-Akkad

Although European architecture inspired the streets and buildings of khedivial Cairo, European architects were themselves inspired by Cairo's Mamluk architecture, leading to the creation of the Neo-Mamluk style.

issue 5
Where Green Meets Yellow
The Quest for the Post-vernacular
Omar Kishk

At Abusir, architect Tarek Labib has designed and built a unique space in which to live and work. We take a tour around this masterpiece of architecture, while also exploring the mind of this master architect.

issue 2
The Golden Age of Cairo’s Silver Screens
Eva Dadrian

Cairo’s cinemas were once art deco masterpieces of architecture. Today, these same cinemas are mostly crumbling or already long demolished, but a few can still be enjoyed by those in search of a lost golden age.

issue 2
Bath Clogs, Murder and the Tree of Pearls
Caroline Williams

Sharia al-Mu`izz li-Din Allah, or the Qasaba, is the great artery of Fatimid Cairo. Its importance as a ceremonial way lasted for almost nine hundred years, and the variety of monuments, such as Al-Salih Ayyub’s Madrasa-Mausoleum, still clustered along its length show that it was a favourite building site for those who held power.

issue 1
Ismail’s Cairo Reborn?
Yasmine El Dorghamy

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding Cairo’s khedivial city centre. Will the historic buildings be restored? Will they all be sold to private investors? We look at what’s in store for the city’s architectural treasure trove.