Rawi is a Cairo-based publishing platform specializing in history and cultural heritage. Since 2010, Rawi has published an annual bilingual (English/Arabic) periodical on Egyptian history and heritage. Our publications, featuring content written by leading authorities in their respective fields and complemented by stunning photography, are designed to ignite our readers' passion for the diverse subjects we explore. Rawi has recently expanded in exciting directions, specializing in bespoke, limited-edition books on history, heritage, and art, and curating exhibitions to showcase and extend our prolific research.

The Rawi is the Egyptian storyteller, the raconteur, earning a living from the country’s oral history. As the Rawi began to tell a story, people would gather around to listen. If it weren’t for the storyteller, many legends would have been forgotten.

Our Team

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Yasmine EL Dorghamy

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Nevine Henein

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Nouran Ibrahim

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Mennat-allah El Dorry

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Arto Belekdanian

Designer Issue 5-11

Maijane Saba